WinGPS Marine
Do you want to see which DKW charts are available for WinGPS Marine? Check out our online shop.

How does it work?
The DKW charts you purchase in our online shop can directly be downloaded and installed on your tablet or smartphone using WinGPS Marine.

These charts are available for WinGPS Marine:

DKW 1800 series

DKW Inland

DKW International

DKW Imray

DKW Delius Klasing

If you have a request for a chart set to be supported, please contact us via

Also available
Offline NOAA charts for the American waters. When you want to install these charts to WinGPS Marine, you will first have to install them on a PC. Afterwards they can be copied to your Android device inside the /DKW2/USER/ folder.

Getting started

Download WinGPS Marine Lite on your Android tablet or smartphone.

Upgrade naar de volledige WinGPS Marine voor uw tablet of smartphone.

Upgrade naar WinGPS Marine Plus voor uw tablet of smartphone.

These upgrades are also available via in app purchase.



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